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With the end of the LFW 2015 comes the excitement of discovering what new trends it has produced. After all, you have to justify your next shopping spree some way – upgrading your wardrobe to match ramp glamour can be the excuse for now.

But before all else, you need to know what’s in vogue this season; what cuts, prints and styles would be best to sport. So here’s a list of the top trends that emerged from the Lakme Fashion Week 2015 - put together outfits keeping these in mind!

Blue Hues

With Manish Malhotra’s ‘Blue Runway’ collection being such a huge success, it comes as no surprise that this colour is topping the fashion charts now. From dresses and skirts to suits and lehengas, all seem better and brighter in blue, especially its indigo shade which dominated the leading designer’s line. Manish Malhotra in fact himself predicted that blue and yellow are going to be “huge colours” this season. So if you love the blues, this is the time to go all out and wear the colour with much panache. With blue becoming a fashion statement, other allied styles such as denim-on-denim and royal-hued, satin clothing shall also make a comeback.

The “Sculpted” Look

Anamika Khanna’s ‘Sculpt’ was the grand finale of the LFW 2015 and grand it certainly was. Several elements from her collection are now being incorporated into everyday fashion and you shouldn’t miss out on these. ‘Sculpt’ played with the idea of structure and silhouette to produce beautiful drapes and flowy styles. Making liberal use of zardozi embroidery and thread and metallic work, her designs naturally used shades like gold, silver, ivory, nude, black and gunmetal liberally. You too could stock up on jewel-toned clothing with either structured of flowing silhouettes (whichever suits your personal style mantra) for both are dominant trends this season. Also, with the Kapoor sisters modelling for the designer, wearing the latest Lakme makeup line which promises a more sculpted look and sharp finish, you know what look to aim for when primping up for the next party.

Funky Headgear

Who doesn’t love their hair accessories? This season you can be as experimental and bold as you like for funky headgear is so in. Tarun Tahiliani’s 2015 ethnic collection was striking and uber-glamorous owing to the exquisite turbans he incorporated into his outfits. You can follow his lead and make quite a statement with some well-styled boho headgear. A scarf wrapped as a turban, or a hat with intricate patterns will immediately add dimension and edge to your outfit. And a happy by-product is that you will have some more fortification against the sweltering Indian heat!

Crop Tops

If you thought that crop tops were “just a phase”, think again! LFW 2015 seems to suggest that they are here to stay. Spotted on the ramps of a huge number of designers, these mid-riff baring blouses seem to have been re-presented in new and interesting ways. Both Sabyasachi and Tarun Tahiliani had a range of ethnic crop tops, while Alan Alexander Kaleekal and Salita Nanda offered more modern, western creations. These were teamed with all kinds of bottoms, from denims and pants, to skirts and shorts. It would be a wise choice to pair fitted crop tops with high-waisted skirts and loose, casual ones with skinny jeans and cut-offs. While these would be safer, classic ways of styling your crop top, you can go in for more unconventional pairings, taking inspiration from the collection by Kavita Bhatia.

Round Sunglasses

One of the many retro trends to be revived, round sunglasses were spotted rather frequently on the ramps this season. Outfits by designers including Sabyasachi, Aiman Agha and Armaan Randhawa, Shruti Sancheti, Anuj Bhutani and Tarun Tahiliani were chicly accessorized with vintage round-framed shades. You can get yourself a cool pair of such shades too! Adding a touch of quirk and high couture eclecticism to your look, such eye-wear will jazz up both formal and casual outfits.

These are some of the top trends that the LFW 2015 has ushered in. Fortunately for us, these can all be adapted to one’s everyday wardrobe with much ease. So ladies, gear up for a season full of beautiful blues, lovely drapes, cutesy crop tops and fun accessories!


Till recently I have been apprising everybody about my real life experiences in fighting this deadly disease. From today onwards I would like to make cancer take backstage and let me enjoy something which I like the most. I would like to unleash my passion and that is to dabble in Fashion Blogging. Encourage me to bring to fore the latest trends in Clothing, Accessories, Cosmetics, Fashion Trends, Healthcare etc.....

Fashion Trends That India Has Gifted To The World

India has given the world bountiful reasons for happiness: Bollywood, butter chicken and Bhangra are the first few that come to my mind. Film and food aside, the striking subcontinent has made a lasting mark on the global fashion scene. Let us explore the iconic gifts of style that India has given to the world with love.

The Jodhpur Trouser

       Jodhpur Trouser1       Jodhpur Trouser2

With humble origins in the traditional Indian churidaar pant, the Jodhpur trouser is now a fashion statement in its own right and the key reason behind the birth of the ‘Equestrian Chic’ trend. Indeed, an Indian polo player popularized these pants in Europe. They quickly became a must-have in every horseman and horsewoman’s wardrobe. Today, they are making waves across international runways and leading fashion magazines. I fell head-over-heels in love with Dolce and Gabbana’s silky rendition a few years ago.

The Maang Tikka

                Maang Tika4                   Maang Tika3

Once reserved only for the big fat Indian wedding, this sultry head accessory has absolutely skyrocketed in popularity, both in its home country and across the globe. In fact, Karl Lagerfeld was so inspired by this accessory that all of the models in the Chanel Pre-Fall 2012 show, aptly called ‘Paris-Bombay’, sported regal maang tikkas. And we all know that Karl can do no wrong, right?

The Bindi

    bindi_9                bindi3

The spread of the bindi trend to the furthest corners of the world has not been without its fair share of controversy. Opponents of the trend believe that those who sport it are actually disrespecting the Indian culture where the bindi is worn by married woman to signify their commitment to their husbands. Right or wrong, this trend is here to stay as an important part of the bohemian music festival style. I’d love to know what your take is on this craze – fashion trend or blasphemy?

The Henna Tattoo

  Henna Tattoo3   Henna Tattoo2

Another ethnic bridal trend that has made it to the frontlines is the art of applying henna tattoos to hands in intricate designs. Popular with the artsy lot and bohemian babes, the henna tattoo trend has been spotted on many celebrities who are trying to make a bold fashion statement. It has also inspired an entirely new trend altogether – the temporary metallic tattoos that became all the rage at the end of last year. I’ve noticed that Vanessa Hudgens, a personal style icon, has been experimenting with henna designs for a while now. I have to say that I am pretty impressed with her handiwork!

The Sari

               Sari2 Sari1

To my mind, the sari is one of the sexiest outfits in existence today. A long kept secret in India, the sari has now made its way across the borders and into the hearts of fashion buffs across the world. No matter how you drape it, this six yards of cloth scream elegance like nothing else. Is it any surprise that Hollywood Stars and Celebrities have worn it? I hope to see more women rocking this sultry outfit on the red carpet in 2015.