Contd…. Down Memory Lane – My wife Shama’s Cancer Journey

Shama in Happier Times Now
Respected All,
I would like to share a good news with you all. My wife Shama Hussain who is battling Stage IV Breast Cancer, is well on road to recovery. All this has been made possible because of Almighty God, periodic visits to Khwaja Saheb's Dargah at Ajmer Sharief and you all, with your kind support and intense prayers. I am blessed to have the Entire MACT Alumni behind me with wonderful Seniors / Juniors, my Batchmates, more than Brother like Friends and my such supportive family. Without the support of all you guys out there for me and Shama this would not have been possible. Special mention to my Batchmates for their esteemed support. No words to describe my feelings and gratitude towards you all. The generosity is absolutely out of this world. God bless you all. Regards, Javed

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