Awareness about Cancer – Cure, Hope, ……..


Localized physical condition in which a part of the body gets reddened, swollen, hot and often painful, especially as a reaction to injury or infection shall not be ignored as just another thing but needs to be investigated. It can occur anywhere in body, even in internal organs of body and you cannot see but you may have symptoms like fever, pain etc. In fact it is reaction of body against any wrong happening in our body. It has been seen that any inflammation occurring in body for long time can cause cancer like hepatitis, ulcerative colitis, persistent ulcer etc. If you have any symptoms of inflammation followed by fever, weight loss, pain and you have raised ESR persistently, kindly do not ignore it, consult a doctor immediately.

Inflammation is mainly caused by chemicals like interleukins, cytokines (produced by many body cells in various situations). Obesity is a condition which increases inflammation  by releasing these chemicals. This is the reason why obesity is not good for health. Physical exercise also increases  levels of these chemicals but due to some unknown reasons it acts in opposite way (reduced inflammation). This is the reason why physical exercise is good for health and also to prevent many diseases like cancer. Now a days yoga is very popular. It is good for mental status but it cannot replace physical exercise. TO INCRESE LIFE SPAN DO REGULAR PHYSICAL EXERCISES.

(Content Courtesy: Dr. Praveen Kumar Bansal, Director, Oncology, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Faridabad)

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