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Another painful day passes for Shama. She experiences plenty of pain in her Hip Joints as well as her knees as her battle with cancer goes on. She has started looking up in life with more zest and gusto and is very determined for a pitched battle with this deadly disease. Her advise to every cancer patient is that Fight On............... no matter what may come your way. Do not let this deadly disease overcome you. Where there is a Will there is a Way.

Thanks to all you guys there for being concerned for her......


Most unfortunate thing which is associated with tuberculosis is wrong diagnosis. Most of the time anti-tubercular treatment is started on the basis of symptoms or on the basis of imaging like diagnosis of lung tuberculosis is made on the basis x ray chest only, any lesion in spine is diagnosed as bone tuberculosis. Many times diagnosis on the basis of imaging is not correct and patient gets treated wrongly. Ideally the diagnosis should be made on the basis of pathological examinations like FNAC, BIOPSY etc. 


Just for your information, I am attaching my wife SHAMA HUSSAIN's medical documents.

Shama-Breast Cancer, Chemo-Prescription-1to4, Chemo-Prescription-5to12, Shama-Bone Cancer

Here are the hospital / doctor details:

Shama's treatment is going on from the same hospital where it started right from the beginning in Oct-Nov 2010. It is a very good and Super Speciality Hospital for Cancer Treatment. Lot of foreigners come here for treatment. The Hospital name is "ASIAN INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES" Badkal Flyover Road, Faridabad, Haryana. She is under treatment of Dr. Praveen Kumar Bansal, Director Medical Oncology, at this hospital. They have a website

The Contact Detail of Dr. Praveen Kumar Bansal - +91-9650099244 (He is always available on this no. He always picks the phone.)

Anybody can contact him for my wife Shama Hussain's treatment procedures.

Note: I am attaching the pics of Everolimus Tab 10 mg pack. You can see the cost of this medicine printed as Rs. 29,666/- per 10 Tabs. 3 packs of it (30 tablets, one per day) per month is to be given to her for the next 2 years. Since, it is a new medicine which has been introduced in the market, it is being marketed at a Discounted Price of Rs. 10,000/- per pack. i.e. Rs. 30,000/- for 30 Tablets per month.

Everolimus3 Everolimus1 Everolimus2